ASPERIO is a state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory providing comprehensive Pharmacogenetic and Toxicology testing solutions.

Medication Therapy Management programs (MTM’s) are in the developmental phase and there are currently not enough tools to complete the practitioner/patient relationship.

The foundation of trust between patients and providers is often clouded by the uncertainty of newly prescribed medication and the potential for interactions such as drug-to-drug or drug allergy. When coupled with medication prescribed from specialists, the cycle can become even more complex. Medication adherence, drug-gene interactions, additional prescriptions, and potential abuse all lead to more questions and greater exposure for providers and potentially negative outcomes for patients.

Our mission is to discover and deliver innovative health solutions that improve the lives of patients.

Why Choose ASPERIO?

Leading Research and State of the Art Technology
Our labs leverage over 30 years of industry experience combined with cutting-edge research and technology to deliver personalized and accurate testing with the industry’s highest standards.

Secure, Web-Based Test Reporting Software
We provide an individualized, HIPAA-compliant web-based test reporting system that allows providers and patients alike, 24/7 access to their test results.

Expert Team
Our team consists of scientists trained in Human Molecular Genetics, Board Certified Medical Doctors, and Professional Medical Sales Executives. As a team, we work to uncover and deliver targeted health insights to improve patient care.

Industry Leading Customer Service and Support
Each clinic has access to an individualized customer service program with a single point of contact for everything from Sales and Marketing to Laboratory Technical Services. Our commitment to creating long-term relationships, with clinics and patients, helps cultivate the value of our partnership.